Search contextual advertising has long become a must-have source for any small and medium business. The problem is that the pay-per-click model is very vulnerable to cheating, which is often used by dishonest competitors.


The Scroogefrog service allows you to connect your advertising accounts to Google.Ads system to automatic clickfraud protection.


The user can independently choose which advertising campaigns need to be protected and which not to optimize their costs. In addition to connecting an advertising account, it is also necessary to install system codes on the landing pages of the website.


here are 3 levels of protection in the modules, depending on the type of click fraud: blocking low-quality IP, blocking low-quality sites and the formation of a stop list of wound keywords.


Protection against clickfraud on the Google.Ads website for photo retouching services


Website of a company providing retouching and photo stylization services



  1. Creation of an automatically renewable blacklist with IP addresses for campaigns in Google.Ads
  2. Identification of stop words and regions most susceptible to clicking to exclude them in advertising campaigns
  3. Finding ad sites that lead to the site most of the bot traffic
  4. Secure connection of the service in campaigns with which the bid management system is already connected



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