Media buying is a type of activity that gains popularity when a webmaster buys pay-per-click or click-through advertising for CPA offers, where they are paid for bids or sales, and make money on the difference between buying and selling


The Scroogefrog service is used by a huge amount of media buyers to protect their CPC campaigns from click fraud in contextual advertising, as well as in native ads and banner networks.


The system has modules for automatically connecting advertising accounts of such systems as Google.Ads, MGID, AdNow. We regularly increase this list due to new networks from different GEO


If any network or system is not in the list of auto-integrating, its traffic can be sorted out using the universal module Audit Traffic, in which you can mark any source by the necessary address labels for the advertising link.


Attracting traffic to a one-page watch landing in Vietnam


The supplier of impulse demand products in the markets of Southeast Asia in the segments of the gut and Chinese products.



  1. Configuring CRM to the customer call center for the correct connection of confirmed orders with the advertising source
  2. Adaptation of the client’s landing to the requirement of moderation
  3. Engage all kinds of traffic channels in Vietnam, fitting into KPI $ 7 for a confirmed order
  4. Configuring click fraud protection and conversion tracking
  5. Development of a system of operational replenishment of advertising accounts to avoid pauses.



Confirmed orders.


Examples of Native ads


Created Native ads.

Selection of the most effective and meeting all the client's requirements.


Example of personal account statistics


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