The User Agreement

1. General Provisions.

1.1. The ScroogeFrog LTD offers to the user a service scroogefrog™ for reducing the click fraud level in the contextual advertising. The Agreement shall enter into force from the date of the User's agreeing to the provisions under the procedure stipulated in the clause 1.3 herein.

1.2. The use of the scroogefrog™ service shall be regulated by this Agreement. The Agreement shall subject to modifications without any prior notice and the new draft whereof shall enter into force from the date of its being placed in the Internet at the address set out in this Agreement. The current draft is available at

1.3. Having undergone the log-in procedure the User shall be deemed to have accepted the Agreement in full. Should the User oppose to any provision of this Agreement, he has no right to use the scroogefrog™.

2. The User's Account Logging in

2.1. In order to use the scroogefrog™ the User shall undergo the log in procedure resulting in a unique user account.

2.2. For the User to log in it shall provide the complete and trustworthy personal data corresponding to the requirements of the login form and keep such data updated. Should the User provide erroneous data, the scroogefrog™ shall have a right to deny such a User's using the service.

2.3. We reserve the right to demand from the User at any time the documented evidences of data he has logged in.

2.4. The User's identity data contained in the User's account shall be stored and processed in pursuance with the current law of the EU.

2.5. When logging in the User shall, on its own, select a login (a unique name of the User's account) and password for accessing the account.

2.6. The User shall bear all the responsibility for reliability of the login and password he had selected, as well as he shall on its own ensure the confidentiality of the password. The User shall bear all the responsibility for all the actions and their consequences done/occurred within the scroogefrog™ using, under the User's account. Including for the cases of voluntary assignation of the access right to the account by third parties.

2.7. The User shall immediately inform on any case of unauthorized access through its account and/or any other violation (suspected violation) of the password confidentiality.

2.8. Having registered, the user agrees to subscribe for e-mails from ScroogeFrog™ service. If necessary he can unsubscribe later.

3. The User's Content.

3.1. The User shall be fully liable for the content of advertisements placed by it, as well as their being in line with current legislation. Should the User place any advertisement violating any rights and legitimate interests of third parties, and/or infringing any intangible benefits not belonging to it, the User shall be entirely responsible for that.

3.2. The User shall accept and agree to that the scroogefrog™ shall not be liable to browse the content of any kind being placed and/or distributed by the User, and also that Mgid has entitled (but not liable) upon its discretion to refuse the User to place and/or distribute the ads or delete any of them. The User shall, on its own, assess the risks related to the ads placement.

3.3. ScroogeFrog™ service is ment for the audit of legal resources traffic, and cannot be used on the resources, prohibited by EU acquis.

3.4. The users who have chosen For Affiliates-Module to work in and use subdomains of type and similar ones, they are fully responsible for the content they place on them. ScroogeFrog™ administration is not obliged to check the content placed on subdomains of the websites and is not responsible for the illegal users actions.

4. The Terms and Conditions the scroogefrog™ Use.

4.1. When using the scroogefrog™, the User shall not:

4.1.1. Place ads with content being illegal, harmful, demonstrating (advocating) violence and cruelty, propagandising hatred and/or race, social, sex, religion, ethnic discrimination, insulting any individuals or entities, insulting morality, violating intellectual property rights, containing elements of (advocating) the pornography, children erotic, advertising (or propagandising) the services of sexual nature (including for disguised as other services), explaining the procedure of manufacturing, taking or otherwise using drugs and their derivatives, and also any explosive materials or other weapons.

4.1.2. Place ads at websites where a specially prohibited advertising information, spam, lists of e-mail addresses, internet-earning and internet-business systems, "luck chain" letters, "pyramid" patterns, MLM is represented.

4.1.3. Place ads at websites containing viruses or other virus codes, unauthorized access programs and also serial numbers for commercial software products and generation software, files and software destined for violation, elimination or limitation of functioning of any PC or telecommunication devices or programs, logins, passwords and other means of unauthorized access to payservices in the Internet as well as place links to the above information.

4.1.4. Place ads with links to the network resources, the content whereof comes in conflict with the current legislation of the EU and/or rules of international law.

4.2. Being registered in ScroogeFrog™ system, the account owner (webmaster) undertakes a commitment to inform the visitors of his website about the installed ScroogeFrog™ identification scripts on it.

4.3. Being registered in ScroogeFrog™ system, the user agrees to use the logo of his website in “Our customers” section on website, as well as in the printed materials, distributed on behalf of ScroogeFrog™ team.

4.4. In case the fulfillment of 4.3. point is required to coordinate with second persons (for example, webmasters or trademarks), the user confirms this coordination to be made by him before the registration.

5. Disclaimer.

5.1. The User shall use the scroogefrog™ at its own risk. The service shall be provided 'as it is'. scroogefrog™ shall not assume any responsibility including for that for complying to the User's purposes. We are not responsible for the loss of benefit.

5.2. scroogefrog™ shall not warranty that: the service shall/will comply to the User's requirements; the services shall be distributed on continuous basis until the budget paid by the User for advertisement services is fully spent.

5.3. scroogefrog™ shall be released from any liability for partial or complete nonfulfillment of its liabilities related to failures in Mgid operation or delay in the ads moderation.

6. Miscellaneous.

6.1. This Agreement represents an agreement between scroogefrog™ and the User as to the procedure of the service using.

6.2. Should any disputes arise, the Parties shall take all reasonable efforts for their settling down. Should the Parties fail to settle down the disputes, they shall resolve them in pursuance to the current legislation of the EU.

6.3.Due to the gratuitousness of the services rendered under this Agreement, the Consumer Rights Protection Regulations stipulated by the legislation of the EU shall not apply to relations between the User and scroogefrog™.

7. GoogleAds

In certain cases, personal data may be processed based on legitimate interest and economic and technical advantages associated with the use of specialized providers.

In this sense:

Google Ads. has integrated Google Ads components on the Site. In particular, uses the Google Ads advertising platform. The company that manages Google Ads services is Google Inc.

The user can review the privacy policy and other legal aspects of this company at the following link: Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google.

The user can review the privacy policy and other legal aspects of Google Ads at the following link: Google'Safety Center - Stay Safer Online.

The user can only use Google Ads to the extent that they are registered with them and have access to the corresponding product along with their account. These product have their own privacy policies and terms and conditions, over which there is no interference or control.

'Google Ads Api Scroogefrog' use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

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