Traffic audit system: click fraud, call tracking, adware


How our service works

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What is all this for?

Our service allows you to discover non-effective traffic sources, non-effective keywords, adware and click fraud.

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Click fraud/AdWare prevention, protection

After it has detected click fraud and adware, the system is automatically able to optimize further ad impressions for such visitors

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Real money savings

You can save up to 90% of your advertising budget by removing non-effective keywords and traffic sources.

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Call tracking

The system allows you to detect which keywords in your advertising lead to sales and which oncs are a waste of moneys

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Monitoring and statistics

We’ll show you detailed statistics about all incoming traffic and non-effective sources.

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We are always ready to consult you and provide you support regarding all questions related to our service.

The particular problem our service solves

Why do you need ScroogeFrog?

Several reasons to use our service:
All of our clients benefit from using ScroogeFrog!
  • If you do not fight click fraud and adware, you loose a considerable part of your budget
  • If you don't count calls by keywords, you are managing your advertising ineffectively.
  • We use unique algorithms and digital fingerprints
  • We can automatically collect the data through the API and block ad impressions from fraudsters
  • We guarantee the integrity of your information under the NDA

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The ScroogeFrog service has been developed to reduce clickfraud, and, thus, clean up the traffic paid for by the advertiser. ScroogeFrog is aimed at saving your advertising budget by blocking ad impressions from users whose click-throughs are fraudulent, and also by rejecting sites that direct untargeted traffic to your website.

ScroogeFrog can help you understand where your advertising budget is spent and if you are benefiting from it. You may be receiving customers from different traffic sources using many different keywords, but you can may only be receiving real customers from only one or two regions through one source and only ten keywords. The service can analyze your situation in more detail.

The “AdWare Protection” allows visitors with infected browsers to interact safely with the website.

ScroogeFrog is unique in that it identifies a user by more than 20 features regardless of whether he has changed his IP address, browser, or cleaned cookies. Thanks to such precise identification, ScroogeFrog has an obvious advantage over similar services and thus reduces the problem of click fraud for its users.

Due to the special “Call tracking” module ScroogeFrog analyses which ad the customer clicked on, what keyword was used, and what were the traffic source and region. You can see which goods the customer chose before making a call. It allows you to save your advertising budget without spending it on sources that do not attract real customers, but which only generate traffic.

The “AdWare Protection” allows visitors with infected browsers to interact safely with the website.

The price of the session-based "Call tracking.Scroogefrog" call tracking service is EUR 20 per month for each connected domain. This amount will be deducted from your ScroogeFrog total balance when you connect to or extend your service for the domain.
The phone numbers and the redirection from them to the user phone number are additional features that are paid for separately.

The price for the number depends on its region and consists of a monthly fee and the cost of connection. The prices are displayed in the menu of phone numbers.

The cost of redirection depends on the region of the user’s phone number to which the redirection is made. It is displayed near the number in your account settings.

You can also check the prices on the web page

The payment for direct phone numbers and for call redirection is carried out from a separate module balance where you need to transfer money from your total balance.

By blocking ad impressions to users and sites that supply poor quality traffic, you can save from 15% to 90% on your advertising campaign budget. It means that the budget still remains the same but your funds will be spent on legitimate advertising purposes, not on click fraud.

Once you locate the sources of the real customer traffic and the keywords that are used to generate sales, you can redistribute your budget in a way to get the maximum benefit from it.

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