Adware and malware removal

If the antivirus program you have in your computer is super detecting and merciless to malware, but it is stuff and nonsense with the system operation, and the browser always redirects you to ad sites, you should think about the removal of AdWare and MalWare. Because the system has been infected no matter how reliable is your protection.

AdWare and MalWare – are the scoundrels capable of deceiving your antivirus and get installed in your PC and browser. AdWare collects data about the operation of your browser. And then generates tons of ads and redirects you to the "shady" domains. So when you visit the website you see a lot of ad banners, ads, and other stuff that certainly has not been before, it is AdWare. No need to blame the website owners, because it’s only a problem of your browser. In fact, AdWare doesn’t cause a serious damage, however, it catastrophically impairs the work in the net and makes online searching almost impossible.

MalWare is the collective name for small malicious programs. They are not detected by antivirus software and easily get into PC because of their small size and special way of operation. They are capable of unnoticed disabling your antivirus and firewall, making your system vulnerable and your data unprotected. And then, the reinstallation is needed to be able to use PC again in normal conditions. But you still won’t get rid of the risk of "catching" MalWare again.

There are some cases when AdWare and MalWare may even be deleted in manual mode, if it’s possible to detect these programs, find their location and overcome the protection. But in most cases the special software and services are required to do it all automatically. You need it to not only save your time, but also to cope with their removal for sure, since many malware variants have a reliable protection, which leaves a lot of residual files that keep making a mess in the system.

Development of ScroogeFrog tools are specifically designed to give a solution of such problems. Software products offer an easy installation and user friendly interface, and the most important one is complete removal of AdWare and MalWare, further protection from re-installation of such viruses and monitoring of the systems to detect the residual files.

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