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Despite the narrative, AdWare is not a virus, which the system must be protected from. It refers to the conditional dangerous programs, but in fact it carries no danger, but only a lot of inconvenience, connected with difficulties in viewing web pages. Blocking AdWare is exactly what you need if you faced a big amount of ads.

AdWare acts by analyzing all the requests that you type in your browser. Browser is affected by these programs, it’s hard to detect it without special software. This analysis as well as viewing all visited websites allows the AdWare to collect all the necessary marketing information about you, that is, to determine which subject is interesting for you, in order to make the ad impression fitted for your interest. This advertising may look like average ads in the website, banners, popup windows, as well as redirect to the other domain may be done. Therefore, it seems that the problem is in the visited website, but not in the user’s browser. This situation has a negative impact on the reputation of the websites.

AdWare can be installed by consent of the user, and in this case, collect information legally. However, the violent installation by using downloaded freeware or shareware is possible. As a result of it you pay for using this software by means of AdWare location in your browser and viewing ads. This is the way the developers pay back the expired costs and earn money.

You can also pick up the program in the infected website, when the installation starts after clicking on any link or starting a service.

The invention of ScroogeFrog will get rid of the unwanted presence of AdWare, removing all its components. Scanning the system and browser will allow you to block AdWare while visiting websites and downloading free programs. Using this tool, you will be able to protect yourself from the big amount of ad information and optimize the Internet surfing.

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