Adware killer

To save you from all sorts of troubles when going online, ScroogeFrog has developed a new tool that is very effective and easy to use. This tool is a real AdWare killer, which is able to track and delete potentially malicious software without any difficulties.

AdWare is a group of programs that manage to overcome even the most reliable and powerful antivirus. This is because they don’t act like ordinary viruses. In fact they don't do a big damage to PC. Even their presence in the system cannot be detected except when using the Internet. This is because AdWare relates to browser and not to the system itself. Analyzing all of your requests and views programs collect marketing information about you and determine the subject that is the most requested one. Thereupon, the ads placed in context of the websites you enter are displayed in enormous number. This way the banners are opened, popup windows are appeared and they can be opened even if the browser is closed. Redirects to other domains cause a big inconvenience. The users not familiar with AdWare operation may think that the reasons for this are websites that they are trying to study and close them considering them as bad. That brings inconveniences to website owners, who are losing visitors. And it will happen as long as AdWare is installed in your PC.

First of all AdWare killer makes it possible to define whether these programs are installed in your PC. Of course you can check it by yourself looking through the list of installed programs and extensions, but there may not be the corresponding record or you may not determine which point is redundant one. The tool finds and removes all AdWare components. And later it allows you to scan your system and browser to ensure that there are no new attempts of forcible installation of such programs. This tool perfectly complements the operation of the main anti-virus, by detecting those elements that can overcome the protection.

Using AdWare killer, you will get rid of annoying ads preventing from viewing the webpages that also indirectly impacts on improving your Internet connection and security of your data.

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