Identification of fraudulent publishers in DirectAdvert ad network

DirectAdvert - is one of the biggest teaser networks in runet and is operating in the market of Russia and CIS since 2010. Nearly 3 years ago the management of teaser network has decided to get the external tool to control the quality of traffic suppliers in addition to the own algorithms of analysis and traditional metrics.


1. Automatisation of operation of traffic quality department

2. Audit of the current ad sites of the network for click fraud

3. Involve the external inspection regarding the quality, settlement of questionable matters with the suppliers

4. Raise the loyalty of advertisers

5. Get going the fast detection of new ad sites with click fraud to remove them from the network before the first pay-off

6. Ongoing monitoring of change of traffic quality on every ad site of the network


Three years ago the network experienced some problems with real time detection of unfair publishers, who managed to drive a fraudulent traffic to the advertisers' websites and get money out. In autumn 2014 it was made a decision to start using system to eliminate this problem, and we have done it for our ad networks and

With the help of this service we have made an audit of all the ad sites of the network and detected the fraudulent partners, who were subsequently disconnected from the network. During our cooperation the system development team has written the additional cutoffs of the statistics with diagrams that we need for our reports. Scroogefrog is improving all the time adding new parameters, and it allows detecting the fraudsters, who could not be identified before.

As a result of it the general network traffic quality has considerably improved and the time needed for confirmation of the new advertising sites has reduced. We directly contact the management of the system regarding all the disputable matters. They deconstruct each separate matter and put forward detailed arguments. We have got a great tool that we are using for more than 2,5 years.

Oleg Krigin, Commercial Director of DirectAdvert
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