Involving the teaser networks to retargeting activities of Kasta

Kasta - №1 online retailer in sales under the notion of clothing and footwear. It holds the 4-th position on the number of visits among all the e-commerce projects of Ukraine (according to the data of similarweb for February 2017). Company mission – always delight our clients, introducing the innovation services all time, making shopping easier, faster, better and cheaper!


1. Binding the site visitors with browsed goods to subsequent display for them the ad materials on these goods in teaser networks.

2. Dynamic regenerating of teasers based on non-standardized XML-feed every 10 minutes.

3. Holding CPA from the channel on Google Analytics below estimate during the whole period of ad placement.

4. Cross network data reporting on goods, teasers, ad impressions and clicks in real-time mode.


When working with personalized advertising many contractors agencies face difficulties with our product XML-feed. It doesn’t contain a standard YML-mark-up and it uses the other variables. Besides, we do not provide the ad pictures for each product in the format required by the ad network. We have big product pictures. As a result of specificity of shopping club business the lifetime of each product in our catalog is often less than an hour. Thus the constant and fast regenerating of ad on the base of actual products is necessary.

When working with Scroogefrog the service team has understood our needs and has written a generator of ad pictures of any format based on the picture of the product. They have reduced the regenerating of a new ad for tens of thousands of the products to one minute. After recalculating to CPA the price of retargeting activities in the system as acceptable one. In this regard the rest of data, such as LTV or bounce rate by the clients on this ad is normal.

The service is developing adding the new optimizations of the current ad placements and connecting the additional ad networks – sources. The technical support is responsive and quick. We plan to keep cooperating with Scroogefrog.

Head of Online Marketing Department, Andrey Bigun
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