Click fraud detection

Click-fraud is the worst nightmare for any website owner. And this is fully justified. Because this method is used by competitors and average pests that the useless clicks on your ad only "ate" your budget meant for ads, without bringing real visitors. Therefore, click fraud detection is important for website promotion, because it saves money and allows you to make a real diagram of visits.

First of all the competitors may do this impolite activity. After all, one of the sordid ways of promotion is to destroy competitors.

They spend your budget making you pay more and more, losing money with zero profit. The owners of resources where your link is placed do sometimes like that to increase the ranking of ad sites using special bots. As it turns out, you lose money, and they earn at your expense.

Click fraud detection is not a difficult task. If you noticed that suddenly the number of your visitors has significantly increased for no apparent reason (no updates, no promotional offers, nor other events caused them), and there is still no activity from their side on the website, it is a clear signal of click fraud. And it's time to take drastic measures to protect your money invested in advertising.

Click-fraud seems to be a serious problem, but it is not worth refusing from contextual advertising because of it, since it is a powerful weapon to attract visitors and potential customers to your website.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to detect whether high website traffic is the result of your hard work or it is just a fake, aimed at "eating" money. The various services are meant to detect click fraud. They allow you to analyze all the processes regarding clicks on your ad and detect whether it is the real website traffic or just click-fraud. Using these services, you may not worry about the safety of your budget and its correct use.

The detection of click fraud allows you to find out whether the clicks on your ads are the activity of special programs that use your competitors. This will help to save budget used for advertising, and provide real data about real visitors.

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