Click fraud monitoring

Website owners have to resort to various methods to get their business grow and bring profits rather than losses. To do this, you need to use a variety of services and tools. One of them is click fraud monitoring.

The most important element in website promotion is contextual advertising. The owner pays in money to an advertiser, and a certain amount is debited from the account for each visit. It is very convenient, reliable and honest - to pay for a real visitor who has an interest in website and entered its pages through ad, but not for the ad campaign, which is not known when it will bring profit. But such advantages of this system are not always used for good. Competitors can cause significant losses and make advertising less effective using click fraud.

The click fraud is the process when multiple transitions are made on the website. Thus, the money is debited for a visit, but the website doesn’t get the real visitors (and therefore potential customers). To do this special programs are even used, as manual click-fraud does not cause a considerable damage and is detected by the advertising company. Programs are able to operate all time without human intervention and enter the website using different IPs, so it’s pretty tricky to block them by yourself.

To solve this problem like any other one, the most important step is to detect the acts of click fraud in time. And the sooner you do it, so much the less money placed in your account you lose. Click fraud monitoring helps you by this, saves your money and allows you to get the real data about the visitors.

How does the monitoring work? You need to know cases indicating click fraud. Special services carry out the analysis of all processes, mainly pointing out such details:

  • It is dramatically increased the number of clicks on the ads
  • CTR unreasonably skyrockets
  • Clicks on contextual advertising in large quantities are made using the same IPs.

Click fraud monitoring should be made all the time, since you don’t know the moment the competitors or just pests want to ruin your life.

Timely detection of malicious click fraud allows you to bring in measures and protect yourself from it. Special programs will block such ad transfers to your website to prevent from writing off the money.

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