100% money back guarantee

To increase loyalty and confidence in ScroogeFrog we’ve launched a money back guarantee program.

To increase loyalty and confidence in ScroogeFrog we’ve launched a moneyback guarantee program.

  • Do you doubt the quality of the audit?
  • Are you not sure whether our service is reliable?
  • Do you worry whether everything will work properly?
  • Are you uncertain whether ScroogeFrog is suitable for you?

Only ScroogeFrog.com has unique guarantee conditions that will allow you to move beyond thinking about risks. You have 30 days to try, and if it turns out that our service is not useful for you, the money that you paid for the audit will be returned. You should not have any doubts or regrets about wasting money.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and just give us a try. You don’t risk anything and you don't lose anything. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the ScroogeFrog services or you change your mind for any reason, let us know and we will repay you without any disputes, doubts and judgments!*

* This offer is valid only during the first 30 days from the time that the account was registered at ScroogeFrog.com and only for the simple traffic audit or audit with an automatic blocking of bots services. We cannot refund money paid through the ScroogeFrog system to any third parties such as the ad contextual systems, including AdWords, MGid, or any other systems available on the account page. The remarketing cost cannot be refunded. Third-party costs for setting up our service on the client's website cannot be repaid. The repayment is made only via bank transfer to the client’s current account. The reconnecting of the domain to the system can be limited at the discretion of the administration.

Why do we need this? What is the catch?

There is no catch! It’s advantageous to be honest and open with our clients:

  • We try to establish long-term relations with our clients. That’s why they recommend us to their friends and colleagues.
  • We really do want our click fraud protection service to be an effective marketing instrument so that it can prove helpful for you. Otherwise, why should you pay?
  • And finally we are sure of the quality of the services we provide and we know that ScroogeFrog is the best on the market. So we propose that you see for yourself risk-free.

It is easy and safe to work with us. We hope you agree.

Call us right now at +372 698 04 75 and find out the details.

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