Nowadays the native ads networks are a huge source of potential customers.

And more and more visited sites are starting to place ad units of this type.


For more than 7 years, company has been helping the market to set up a native ads channel on a turn-key basis, bringing it to the customer’s KPI, be it optimization in terms of the share of advertising costs per purchase, attracting new customers with a given cost of engagement, coverage metrics, etc.


According to our experience,native ads is not suitable for everything, but only for consumer goods. Such as clothing, jewelry, accessories, product categories


As part of the optimization, we rely on any sources of customer data: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, trackers and internal statistics systems.


Purified native ads traffic for attracting new customers


The largest fashion retail company. In the market of the CIS since 2006.

This year to expand the audience and attract new users

The management decided to advertise on native ads networks.



  1. New customers are not previously covered by other channels.
  2. The customer must immediately buy and pay for the purchase.
  3. The cost of attracting a client must be within a specified range or less.
  4. Channel setup native ads networks with the expectation of long-term advertising. Drawing quality native ads.
  5. Sale of leftovers and old collections.



New users, with payment immediately at checkout.


Native ads Examples


Drawn native ads.

Selection of the most effective and relevant to all customer requirements.


Example statistics personal account


The average cost of a click is 0.02-0.05 euros.

Ineffective sites are turned off, and the coefficient and cost per click are regulated by the effective ones.

All access to statistics is with the client.

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